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Server Admin - Overview

Server Admin window allows you to manage remote database servers, such as Valentina Server, PostgreSQL, mySQL.

Valentina Server Admin - Overview


On the left side of window you can see list of existed bookmarks to your database servers.

You can add/remove bookmarks using +/- buttons at bottom.

Also you can use contextual menu of a bookmark to execute some commands on it.

Note, that Valentina Studio tries to check if a server is available and display this using green ball on bookmark icon. If server is not available them you see icon with the red ball.

Info Pane

The rest part of window has Info pane on its top.

Here you can see version and architecture of server and small animated display, which shows the number of connection to server in live mode.

Tab panels

Under info pane you can see set of tab-panels that allow you control this or that aspect of the server.