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Valentina Server Admin - Connections

The “Connections” tab-panel allows you monitor the current connections to a server.

Valentina Server Admin - Connections

Connections List

You can see list of active connections with the following columns:

  • Address - IP from which a user have logged in.
  • Login - login name of a user.
  • Database - active database of a user.
  • Login Time - the time of a user login
  • Last Activity - the time of last activity of a user.
  • Cursor Count - the numer of live server-side cursors for this user.

FIXME: You can filter list of connections by name of login using search field on the right.

FIXME: You can click a column head to sort it in ascending or descending order. This can help you easy find e.g. the most old connections.

Status Bar Controls

  • Auto Refresh check box allows you enable/disable auto-refresh of the connection list. If disabled you can force refresh of list using REFRESH button in the main toolbar.
  • Kill Connection button allows interrupt selected connection(s). You can select few/all connections in the list by mouse or using cmd+A (ctrl+A on Windows) shortcut.