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SQL Editor - Console Pane Help

At the bottom of SQL Editor you can see Console pane with few tab-panels

  • All - displays all messages collecting them from all other panels.
  • Logs - displays messages about query execution: if it was successful or what error happened.
  • Output - displays messages from the “PRINT” command of Valentina SQL.
  • Tunes - displays messages with Tune information about query execution. Only for Valentina.
  • Warnings - displays warnings generated during query execution by database engine (if any).

Note that menu Parameters in SQL Editor allows you to specify if you want get feedback from database e.g. about warnings or tune.

On the right side you can see two small buttons that allow you

  • clear the current panel;
  • close console panes down to minimal state. You can also drag line between grid and console to change the size of these areas.

Below you can see additional snapshots: