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SQL Editor - Result Pane Help

After you click “Execute” button in SQL Editor pane, and query is executed successful, you will see the Result pane as one more TAB-panel, which shows records of the result cursor. This TAB-panel contains the start of query as its name.

Original Query

You can see few first lines of the original query on top of result pane. It can be selected and copied by mouse cursor.

Grid with Records

Under original query you can see the grid with result records.

This grid is very similar to grid of Table Editor but it is not 100% the same, because it shows records of a cursor (recordset) but not records of a single table. Cursor for most databases is readonly. Cursor also can be join of few tables or be the result even more complex relational operations. For Valentina database, you can choose server-side and read-write cursor, then you will be able edit values of its records like in data editor.

You can move mouse cursor over column name to see tooltip with information about this column.

FIXME: Search inside cursor records.

FIXME: Sorting of cursor records for client-side cursors (server-side cursor cannot be sorted, because it loads only few records into RAM of client computer).

Status Bar

Under the grid you can see small status bar with info about result (how many records was found) and couple buttons on the right side to export records.

“Export to Excel…” and “Export to CVS” buttons allow you to export result records into files of these formats. A dialog will be shown for you to choose location and name for an exported file.