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Valentina Server Free Frequently Asked Questions

Valentina Server is a powerful database and reports server that runs on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. Valentina Server FREE is a special license version of Valentina Server that allows individuals and certain organizations to use Valentina Server at no cost.


Q: What is Valentina Server Free?

Q: Is there a separate installer for Valentina Server FREE?

Q: How many connections does Valentina Server Free support?

Q: Where and how can I get free license on my name?

Q: Who can license Valentina Server Free?

Q: What are the license restrictions for non-profits and non-commercial academic organizations?

Q: What are the license restrictions for internal use (Intranet) and evaluation?


Q: How many licenses do I get? What is the difference on platforms?

Q: Can I transfer my Valentina Server Free license file to somebody else?

Q: I am a developer. Can I create a solution using Valentina Server FREE and then give it or license it to someone else?

Q: What is the advantage of licensing VDN (Valentina Developer Network) vs using Valentina Server FREE?