Valentina Server FAQ

This section describes FAQs general for any Valentina Server (Free, Commercial, Embedded).

Other Valentina Server FAQs

Also you can read FAQs specific to different Valentina Server products:

Comparison of VServers


Q: Does some tutorial on how to install Valentina Server on my OS exist?

Q: Can I run multiple copies of Valentina Server on the same computer?

Q: Where can I get version of installed Valentina Server?

INI File

Q: Where can I find description of all parameters of INI file?

Q: Why is an idle client disconnected after about 8-10 minutes?

Q: How can I turn off the user idle timeout?

Q: I have changed some params of INI file. What should I do when upgrading to new version of VServer to preserve my changes?

License Files

Q: Where to drop my license file?

Q: How can I see information about Name, Connection Count, Expire dates ?

Q: I see that VServer is started right after installation. How it works if there is no any license file yet?


Q: What are default login/password for VSERVER?

Q: Why do I get error 533761 (0x82501) on connection to VServer ?

Q: How to enable VServer through Windows Firewall?

Log Files

Q: Where are LOG files located?

Q: Can I trash out of date log files?

Master Database

Q: What is inside masterdb?

Q: Can I copy a Master Database to another computer?

Q: Can I see tables of MasterDB?


Q: How can I check that VServer is running right now?

Q: How can I start/stop VServer?


Q: How can I put my existing Valentina database under VServer control (i.e. Register Database)?

Q: Why should I Register Database to VServer?

Q: Why may I need to UNREGISTER database?

Q: How can I restore an existed Valentina database from backup under VServer?

Q: How to put database to a Remote VServer if I do not have access to its folder?