Valentina Products Documentation

Free, Academic & Evaluation Products

Paradigma Software, Inc offers many of its tools and products in free and evaluation versions.

Paradigma Software Inc. offers the complete set of FREE versions of its own products! You can use for free:

  • Valentina Server - The entry version of this database and reports server product is free for academic and education markets and available as an evaluation version for all other uses
  • Valentina ADK as a client Client component system that works with Valentina Server to connect all major development platforms on Linux, Windows, MacOS and Raspberry PI to Valentina Server is included with the free, evaluation and commercial versions of Valentina Server
  • Valentina Studio is licensed but free for management of Valentina databases, SQLite databases, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server and more.

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Commercial and Professional Products

Valentina Server

Valentina Studio

iValentina (iOS)

This free product for iOS is not currently available because of changes on the iOS platform.

Developer Products

Paradigma Software team understands that Application Developers need ability to deploy their application royalty free. Our developer products provide such license.

If you are a developer, you can deploy your solutions with a Valentina Database/Reports technology as a part of your solution. As a developer you have two major choices:

  • APP with embedded LOCAL DB/REPORTS engine
  • APP as a client to VSERVER

In the first case you should use a Valentina ADK, which should be paid for, but you get royalty free embedded database engine OR report engine.

In the second case you still need a Valentina ADK, but you will use Valentina CLIENT component, which is always FREE. In the same time you still need Valentina Server. If you want to deploy Valentina Server as part of your installer then you should purchase Valentina Embedded Server, which is royalty free for deployment and offers 5 connections to users of your application. You can also do not use Valentina Embedded Server as a part of your deployment archive, and ask users instead to download and install free VServer, get a free license on the user`s name and use that.

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Valentina Embedded Server

Application Developer Kits

Application Developer Kits (referred to as “ADKs”) are toolkits that allows you to develop application(s) with all or any of these components:

  • Valentina Database Engine - to work with local Valentina databases in a single user mode
  • Valentina Reports Engine – to work with local Valentina Project with reports. Note, that local are reports. But the datasource for a report can be a connection to the remote DB server
  • Valentina Client - to access remotely a Valentina Server, which manages databases and/or reports in a multi-user mode

Although there are separately licensed products with differently enabled functions, each installation includes the components for all, based on the development platform and the target operating system. For example, Valentina ADK for C++ on Windows includes the necessary components for ValentinaDB ADK for C++ Windows, Valentina Reports ADK for C++ Windows and Valentina Client ADK for C++ Windows.

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ValentinaDB ADK

This is a developer product for local storage and management of database applications using the ValentinaDB database.

Valentina Reports ADK

This is a developer product for local storage and management of reporting applications that can work with most popular databases.

Valentina Client

This is a component installed with Valentina ADK that allows local applications to work with Valentina Server features, such as ValentinaDB Server, Valentina SQLite Server and Valentina Report Server. Valentina Client licensing is included in the licensing of all other products.

What about a Valentina Reports Product?

There is no such standalone product as “Valentina Reports”, but Valentina Reports technology is integrated into all above products of Paradigma Software. You should choose a tool(s) depending on tasks of your project (e.g. if you need local single user report engine embedded into your application or you need multi-user access to a Valentina Report Server from your application).

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