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Valentina License FAQ

Find frequently Asked Questions about licensing Paradigma Software products.

Solution Provider FAQ

Q: I develop custom software for other companies, and I provide source code to these companies along with Valentina components. Do they also need a developer license?

Q: Can I create a commercial database product like FileMaker Pro or Microsoft Access using the Valentina ADK license?

Valentina Developer Network FAQ

Valentina Developer Network lets developers deploy OEM versions of Valentina Server to their customers.

VDN General Questions

Q: What do the levels mean ( 5/10/25/250) when licensing VDN ?

Q: Who provides support to the end user of a VDN based solution?

Q: Are all my copies of VDN Valentina Server the same capacity?

Q: Can I get an Unlimited / Unlimited version of VDN Server for my customers ?

VDN Subscriptions

Q: If my subscription expires, do I have to stop deploying my software?

Q: What can I still do if my VDN subscription expires and I do not renew?

Q: What am I prohibited from doing if my VDN subscription expires and I do not renew?

Q: What happened to the old method of upgrading individual customers with Additional Connections?

Licensing Scenarios

We've created a licensing scenarios page based on questions we receive from customers. If you don't find your answer here to a licensing question - check the scenarios page.