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iValentina Features

iValentina can connect to one or several Valentina Servers. Server list contains the group of Valentina Bonjour services and the group of bookmarks added manually. iValentina stores entered logins and passwords so there no need to enter them again.

iValentina Server Administration

You can perform some administration and monitoring tasks:

Register/Unregister/Create/Drop Database - this feature allows you to add an existed Valentina Database file(s) or to create a new one to a working Valentina Server without stopping it. Or you can remove database from VServer without stopping it.

Register/Unregister Project - this feature allows you to add an existed Valentina Project file to a working Valentina Server without stopping it. Or you can remove project from VServer without stopping it.

Add/Drop - you can add/drop users of a Valentina Server.

Add/Drop/Alter Scheduler Events - you can manage events of Valentina Server Scheduler. This allows you to specify e.g. backup of a database managed by Valentina Server.

Monitor Server State - you can monitor Offline/Online state of the Valentina Server.

Edit INI File Parameters - using Property Inspector. Note, that VServer start using new parameters after restart usually.

Schema Editor

iValentina allows you to see database schema. Schema Editor works mainly in two views. In the first one it shows the list of objects in a selected group (with ability to search by name), toolbar with actions. In the second one it shows the subgroups and available actions of the selected object. It has a control to force refresh of the structure.

Create/Drop/Alter/View Tables - you can create a new table or drop existed one using GUI.

Create/Drop/Alter/View Fields - you can create/drop/modify fields, specify type, name and any other required parameters.

Create/Drop/Alter/View Methods - you can create/drop/modify methods, specify type, name and any other required parameters.

Create/Drop/View Links - you can create/drop links of any kind: Foreign Key, ObjectPtr, Binary Link.

Create/Drop/Alter/View VIEWS - you can manage VIEWs in database.

Create/Drop/Alter/View Triggers - you can manage triggers of the database.

Drop/Alter/View Diagrams - you can get a small preview, change some parameters or drop existing diagrams using GUI.

Create/Drop/Alter/View Properties - you can create your own properties and manage it using GUI.

Warnings - if iValentina recognizes something wrong in the database schema then it displays an object with warning sign (!).

Schema Editor shows a detail button to open Property Inspector of the object.

Property Inspector

Property Inspector allows you to see and change parameters of the selected object, it is also used to display small link diagram previews.

SQL Editor

SQL Editor allows to execute any SQL query against your server or database and see the results in tabular and form layout.

Console Views - Log View, Tunes View, Output View, Warnings View. They display information related to the execution of the SQL command: time, errors, warnings, tunes, output.

Controls for editing Cursor Settings - you have menu to choose between client-side or server-side cursor, as well as lock types for server-side cursor, turn on/off getting of the log information about the query execution.

Recent Queries - contains list of previous successful SQL commands with ability to use it again.

Query Templates - menu which contains list of command templates with short description, grouped by tasks.

Functions - three menus: the list of available system or user-created function categories, functions in them and detailed description of the selected function with control to add it to the query.

ReadWrite Server Cursor allows you to edit your query result right in your result view, using controls, specific to each data type: string, number, boolean, picture, date and time.