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Phenomenal Speed

All Valentina users and developers point to the phenomenal, incredible, unbelievable SPEED of Valentina engine.

While other DBMS products become proud if they win 5% to 15% over competitors, Valentina beats competitors by 10 to 50, and sometimes 100+, times!!! Yes, this is not a typo! :-)

We are presenting the most interesting results on the User Testimonials page. Here you can find what people say comparing Valentina to such databases as MS Access, SQLite, MySQL, etc.

  • We did hear customers stories about how they exported from date Oracle DB, imported them into Valentina and then did analyze, because Valentina is much faster.
  • We heard about a customer's bench of Oracle 9, Nexus DB, FireBird and Valentina, where Valentina had beaten all of them.
  • We heard about queries which Oracle completes in 3 minutes, while Valentina does this in 3 seconds.
  • We saw Valentina being 50 times faster than MS SQL Server on joins of two big tables.
  • We have April 2007 switcher from Vista DB (.NET) – his application, after porting to Valentina COM, started working about 50 times faster!

And so on and so on…