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Valentina Embedded Server Features

Valentina Server is available in a standalone, single deployment license, as well as a special license version for OEM and ISV developers. Valentina Embedded Server refers to a special license version of Valentina Server allowing for OEM or 'white label' redeployment.

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Specific Embedded Features

Valentina Embedded Server is virtually the same as Valentina Server, so all additional features of Valentina Embedded Server are specific to licensing.

OEM Licensing

Valentina Embedded Server is licensed through Valentina Developer Network (VDN) to developers. Developers can then incorporate this OEM version of Valentina Server into the solutions they deploy to their end customers.

Tiered OEM Licensing for ISVs

Most OEM, ISV or other white label redeployment of server products give you a single option for deployment to your users. Valentina Developer Network licensing lets you select a level, so that you only have to pay license costs based on your customer requirements.

Royalty Free Licensing for ISVs

There is no additional per deployment cost for redeploying Valentina Embedded Server to your customers. If you deploy to 10, 100, 100,000 or more customers, it doesn't add to your cost.

Non Rental Licensing for ISVs

Subscription licensing is not always convenient for deployment of applications. Even if your Valentina Developer Network (VDN) update subscription ends, you can still continue to deploy the last released version of Valentina Embedded Server to your customers.

Deployment Options

White Label Branding

You can rename components of Valentina Embedded Server to strengthen the value proposition of your product and present Valentina Embedded Server features as features of your product. You are not placed into the position of promoting the solutions of another company, such as redeployments of OEM versions of MySQL, SQL Server or the like.

Your Installation Method

Valentina documentation provides you with the information you need to build your own custom installer.