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Tool: Server Admin

Valentina Studio can connect to any supported database servers (Valentina, MySQL, MS SQL, PostgreSQL). The Server Admin provides capabilities to perform administration of the particular server.


  • Description of Server
  • Live monitoring of the server usage
  • List of active server connections
  • Review list of available databases
  • Create/Open/Delete database
  • Add/Drop/Alter Users - you can add/drop/alter users (roles), their logins, passwords, and other parameters.
  • Disconnect User(s) - with help of Admin Browser. Note, that only ADMIN of VSERVER can do this.
  • Edit Server Parameters - you can change server configuration.
  • List BACKUPs of Valentina DB, SQLite DB, Valentina Project. Delete a backup. Download. Restore backup with the same or new name.

+ Valentina Server

  • register/unregister database
  • delete old logs
  • create/open Valentina Project
  • register/unregister Valentina Project
  • Live Logs - you can browse server logs, remove old files, or watch live the state of active log file (TAIL mode).


  • Review logs from system tables
  • server variables management( view, quick search, change value)

+ PostgreSQL

  • roles management (create, drop, change privileges, change roles membership)
  • server variables management( view, quick search, change value)


  • todo text