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Lesson 3 - "Employees" Database for the ShockWave

In the previous lesson we have prepared the project for the work with Valentina Server. In this lesson you will learn how to create ShockWave element which can load to WEB-browser and to work as a client for Valentina Server.

Step 1: Macromedia Director Setting

File xtrainfo.txt editing

You should change the standar Macromedia Director xtrainfo.txt file in order to inform Director where to load ShockWave - archive of V4MD Xtra.

To do this you should do the next:

  • open the folder where Macromedia Director is located
  • open xtrainfo.txt file
  • If you work with Windows append the following text at the end of the file:

    #package:”http://www.valentina-db.com/download/V4MD” ]
  • If you work with Mac OS append the following text at the end of the file:

    #package:”http://www.valentina-db.com/download/V4MD” ]
  • Save and close the file.

Note: you may prefer the usage of your own WEB-Server while testing your project. In this case you should load V4MD ShockWave packets from paradigmasoft.com site

and to place on your server. Besides in this case you should indicate in xtrainfo.txt file the way to your server. For example


Editing of Xtra list for the project

Before the creation of ShockWave movie you should indicate which Xtra will be loaded to the browser automatically.

For this you should do the next:

  • Open the project if it is not opened yet.
  • In “Modify” menu choose “Movie” → “Xtras” item.
  • Press “Add…” button in the opened dialogue and choose V4MD Xtra.
  • In the left list choose with the mouse just added V4MD Xtra.
  • Set “Download if Needed” check box ON.
  • Save the project.

Step 2: Creation and Testing

ShockWave movie publication

Everything is ready now for ShockWave movie creation.

For this you should do the next:

  • Click “Publish” button with the mouse in Director toolbar or choose “Publish” item of “File” menu. As a result, Director will create 2 new files in the project folder:

and open WEB-browser window.

  • If Valentina Server runs then you may begin the work with the ShockWave movie.