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Creating Connection String

You can create and use DSN, or you can at runtime pass connection information to the ODBC Driver. In this page we will show how to create connection string for connect to the Valentina.

Description Of Connection Parameters

Name Description
DSN Data Source Name.
Driver VODBC Driver Name.
Description Description of the DSN.
IsDatabaseLocal Is default database local or on-server.
Host The hostname of the Valentina server.
Port The TCP/IP port to use if not default.
UseSSL Use SSL or not.
UID User name.
PWD User password.

Example 1. Using DSN Name


Example 2. Connect To VServer Using Manual Parameters

"Driver={Valentina ODBC Driver};Host=;Port=15432;

Example 3. Connect To VServer With SSL Using Manual Parameters

"Driver={Valentina ODBC Driver};Host=;Port=15432;UseSSL=yes;

Example 4. Open Local Database (Only For VODBC Standalone)

"Driver={Valentina ODBC Driver};IsDatabaseLocal=yes;Database=c:\test.vdb"