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Valentina Client API

This section describes operations that you can do using API of Valentina Client ADKs.

In a client SDK you can find additional methods allowing you to administrate a VServer remotely. You can do the following operations (for details refer to Reference manuals of corresponded ADKs).

1) you can ShutDown VServer.

2) you can Restart VServer.

3) you can remotely modify parameters of the .ini file

4) you can add/remove users and change their passwords.

5) you can obtain properties of server such as

  • version
  • count of registered databases
  • count of connections

6) you can Register/Unregister existed database to VServer. You need this if you have some database that you want to put under the VServer control.

To do this:

  • copy database files into folder “database” of VServer.
  • call RegisterDatabase() method where you specify DbName and DbPath.

When you will access this database from clients you will use DbName, not DbPath as when you work with local database.

7) for each registered database you can obtain:

  • its name
  • its path
  • count of users that use this database.

8) for each client of database you can obtain:

  • Login of user, which he have use
  • Address of computer from which user have login
  • Port of that computer
  • ConnectionID