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Valentina Server Introduction

Valentina Server – is executable which allows to share a Valentina database and/or a Valentina project for many users.

VServer provides the true Client-Server approach for multi-user access to a Valentina database.

VServer should be located on some network computer that will play role of a server-computer. On the same server-computer must be located databases/projects to be shared.

A Valentina Client can be located on the same computer or on any other network computer.

System Requirements

Valentina Server works on the next platforms:

  • Win32 (Win 2000, XP)
  • MacOS X 10.4 and newer
  • Linux

Valentina Server uses TCP/IP network to talk to a Valentina Client.

Parameters of server

  • VServer can keep any number of open databases. Limited only by configuration of hardware.
  • VServer have no built-in technical limit on the number of simultaneous connections. Architecture of VServer allows it to be effective even for hundreds and thousands concurrent connections.