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Valentina Server Usage

When a new user comes to Valentina Server, he have few questions usually. You can read this page as well as FAQs about Valentina Server.

What I should download?

1) First of all you should download Valentina Server for your OS.

2) It is recommended to download also Valentina Studio, desktop application, to manage visually your databases, tables, fields, stored procedures and so on. Please note, that VStudio is a separate archive.

3) Most probably, you want to use some programming language to develop web or desktop application to work with a database located under Valentina Server. Then you should download one or maybe even few Valentina ADKs for programming language(s) you want. Please note, that each ADK is a separate archive.

Where to get FREE license for Valentina Server?

You should place order in Paradigma Online Store. It is free. Then you will get letter with license file. Drop it into 'VServer/licenses' folder. Start/restart server to make it use this license file.

How to connect to VServer from Valentina Studio?

1) Easy way of using Bonjour on localhost.

  • Start VStudio.
  • In the COLUMN View of Schema Editor you should see your VSERVER because it exposes self with the help of Apple Bonjour Service.
  • Double click it
  • In the dialog specify user/password as sa/sa

2) Menu Server → Connect To … opens dialog. This way works for even remote servers over inet. Enter the following parameters:

  • host = or localhost
  • port = 15432
  • user = sa
  • passw = sa

How connect to VServer from a code?

Well, you need to your ADK examples and docs.

The examples are installed with your ADK into “HOME/Paradigma Software/ADK/Examples” folder. Usually examples can work in two modes: local and client. You can change this with help of flag gClientMode.

Docs of ADK contain few parts usually: Installation, Manual, Example Guide, API Reference, FAQs, TIPs. Some docs go as PDF, some present as WIKI only.