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Valentina Server Registration

Default License in Archive

5 Nov 2011 Paradigma have introduce VServer Office with 5 connections to be FREE. Because of this, the DEMO license file is deprecated. You still can find DEMO file in the 4.9.1 archives, but for 5.x it will be removed.

Valentina Server is distributed with a demo license file; this demo license expires on the first day of the following month.

Purchased License

When you purchase Valentina Office Server or Valentina Embedded Server you receive one or more license files for use with your product.

If you purchase Valentina Office Server, you receive a license based on the operating system you requested when you placed your order. A MacOS license uses the format “license_mac_dddddd”, whereas a Windows license uses the following format: “license_win_dddddd”, and Linux license looks as “license_lin_dddddddd”.

To get your licensed version working, remove the demo license from the folder licenses and replace it with your new license file.

The license you receive determines the number of connections allowed by the server.

Upgrading License

If you decide in the future you want to extend the server to allow additional connections, then you need to purchase the additional connections from Paradigma Software or an authorized dealer. You will receive an additional license file which you place within the license folder in addition to the original license.