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Valentina Client

In this part the general issues of Valentina Client are described. Find the details of specific client API in the corresponded Reference.pdf.

The low level Valentina client is written totally on C++ (in contrast to clients of such DBMS as mySQL or Postgre, that have clients on C). There are many different wrappers around of C++ Client. They allow to work with Valentina client from different languages and Tools, such as Director, REALbasic, Visual BASIC, Java, PHP, …

1) Valentina Client API is 99% the same to API of Valentina Application Development Kits (ADK) This means that you can use practically the same sources to compile your application as Standalone or as Client.

2) The main difference is how you create VDatabase object. For a Client SDK you should specify on creation of VDatabase object 3 optional parameters:

  • HostName
  • UserName
  • UserPassword

3) HostName can be empty string “” or “LOCALHOST” or “” in the case Server is located on the same computer as Client.

If VServer is located on a remote computer then you should specify a) IP address of that computer b) or DNS name of that computer, e.g. “mycompany.com”

4) UserName and Password on default are “sa” and “sa”.

  • “sa” means Sys Admin.
  • you can edit Master Database to add new users and change passwords.
  • or you can use methods of Server class in your SDK.

NOTE: Assign OTHER name and password for administrator of your VServer!