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Preferences Dialog - General Help

On this page you can change the general options of the Valentina Studio.

Preferences Dialog - General

  • General
  • Search bonjour services – If ON, the application will search active bonjour services on startup.
    • Show start page at start – If ON, the “Start Page” will be shown on startup.
      • Open also schema editor – If ON, the Schema Editor panel will be opened on startup.
    • Show status of bookmarked servers – If ON, the application will check the status of servers for bookmarks (Online or Offline), and will show the appropriate pictogram on the bookmark icon (Green or Red circle).
    • Save and restore schema cache – If ON, the application will save the schema cache when database is closed and restore it on the next opening [Valentina Studio Pro]. Database schema doesn't change frequently as usual, so this option decreases an open time and speeds up the navigation for already cached databases.
      • For remote databases only – If ON, the schema cache will be saved only for remote databases.
  • Statistics
    • Send anonymous system profile – If ON, the application will send anonymous system profile.

Bookmarks Status Example