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Preferences Dialog - Keyboard Shortcuts Help

On this page you can see the shortcuts for the Valentina Studio.

You can also assign new shortcuts and create own shortcuts sets. [Only in the Valentina Studio Pro]

Preferences Dialog - Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcut Set combo box shows currently selected set. Its menu also contains an item to open shortcut sets management dialog:

Search field allows to find shortcuts by their names.

Commands list is divided into groups accordingly to their locations in the main menu.

This list has three columns:

  • Command - the name of command
  • Shortcut - assigned shortcut
  • Issues marks - shows special icons in the case of warnings or conflicts between shortcuts

Key sequence field shows shortcut for currently selected command and allows to modify it.

Modified shortcut is displayed in italic font.

To switch a command to the default shortcut use the Reset button.

Shortcut Sets Management

Shortcut sets management dialog shows the list of existing sets and allows to modify it.

It is also possible to rename set right in the list.

Dialog contains following buttons:

Add - create a new set with default shortcuts

Delete - delete selected set

Duplicate - duplicate selected set

Export… - export shortcut set to the file

Import… - import shortcut set from the file

Import is done always into a new set, so the current set is not affected

Warnings and Conflicts

Each command has its shortcuts scope.

Depending on the scope they can be marked with the following signs:

  • Warning - two commands from different scopes have the same shortcut
  • Conflict - two commands from the same scope use the same shortcut

Example of commands with warnings and conflicts: