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Preferences Dialog- Updates Help

On this page, you can change the options of obtaining the information about new releases of the Valentina Studio.

Preferences Dialog - Updates

  • Updates
    • Check for updates on startup – If ON, the application will automatically check updates.
    • Check for beta versions – If ON, the application will check the updates of beta-versions, too.
  • Proxy Settings
    • No Proxy – The proxy server is not used.
    • System Configuration – The proxy, defined in the system preferences, is used.
    • Manual Configuration – The proxy options are defined manually.
      • Type – The type of the proxy server: SOCKS or HTTP.
      • Host – The hostname of the proxy server.
      • Port – The port of the proxy server.
      • Authentication – Check it if proxy requires authentication.
      • User – The username used to connect to the proxy server.
      • Password – The password used to connect to the proxy server.