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Form Editor - Slot Editor Help

This editor consists of two parts:

  • Slot text
  • Snippets

 Form Editor - Slot Editor

Slot Text

This area shows the text of the slot. The text is syntax-highlighted.

To access the form object the keyword this is used.


The list of snippets contains templates to generate code for most common tasks.

The snippets are divided into few groups:

  • Database - Operations on the database.
  • Dialog – Actions with the dialog.
  • Field – Operations with the table field.
  • File – File-related operations.
  • Standard Dialogs – Actions to present standard dialogs.
  • Table – Operations with the database table.

The snippets can be used as a help for writing own code.

Some snippets require additional information, so helper dialog will be shown to get it.

The context menu of the snippet consists of two items:

  • Insert – Inserts a snippet at the current position in the text editor.
  • Copy – Copies the snippet text to the clipboard.

To insert a snippet you can double-click it or use a context menu.