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Report Editor - Parameters

Report Editor - Parameters

Report is designed in Report Editor. Later it can be used from some application code. Often you need to change some parameter of report, which is NOT stored in the database/datasource. To do this, you can use mechanism of Report Parameters.

Parameters Tab

At the top of the tab there is a group of buttons to:

  • add a new parameter
  • remove selected parameter
  • reorder parameters

List is filled with parameters, which were:

  • added using the New Parameter dialog
  • defined in the Expressions editor

Each parameter has a type, written next to its name.

The bottom of the panel contains a built-in editor with the same set of fields as New Parameter dialog.

New Parameter Dialog

New Parameter dialog contains following fields:

  • Name: - the name of parameter
  • Default: - the default value of parameter
  • Interactive: - if TRUE, value of parameter will be asked from the user
  • Type: - the type of parameter
  • Items: - comma-separated list of values for choice-type parameter

The following types of parameters are supported:

  • Boolean
  • Choice
  • Date
  • DateTime
  • Integer
  • Real
  • String

Preview of Report with Parameters

Interactive parameters allow the Valentina Studio to generate the dialog to input values on the fly and show it to the user.

That makes the Valentina Studio more self-contained office product.

Example of such dialog, shown on switch to the Preview mode:

Parameters have appropriate editors depending on their types.