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Valentina Studio Registration

Valentina Studio is feature complete in demo mode, but has to be restarted every 10 minutes. To use the application without time limits you should register the product.

If you bought a Valentina Studio license (or got it included with other products), you need to register it on your computer using the Registering Valentina Studio dialog.

If you want to use the free Valentina Studio application, you should get the registration code using the Sign Up Valentina Studio dialog, and after to register the product using the the Registering Valentina Studio dialog.

Sign Up Valentina Studio

Use this dialog, only if you have not the Valentina account. If you have one - you can order the free licence through the Valentina store.

Sign Up Dialog

  • First Name – The user name.
  • Last Name – The last name of the user.
  • Company – The name of company (unnecessary field).
  • Login – The user login for Valentina account. In the future, you can use this login to sign up to the Valentina site.
  • Password – The password for the current login.
  • Verify Password – The field to verify password.
  • Email – The user's email. On this address will be sent the registration code for the Valentina Studio.

Registering Valentina Studio

1. Select the menu item “Help > Register Product…”.

The Register dialog appears.

Register Product

2. Enter all information in the information box exactly as it appears in your product order. If you are a private person, type in the field “Company” e.g. “HOME”.

3. Enter the Registration Code. When the OK button highlights, select it. The registration code must exactly match the code sent to you by Paradigma Software.