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Valentina Compression

BLOB/TEXT Compression

Valentina kernel can do compression of data in the BLOB fields. This feature is the most useful when applied to a TEXT field, because for regular BLOB field, data can be compressed externally then saved to BLOB field, but for TEXT field this way cannot be used because database engine must be able do indexing of TEXT field. This is possible only if engine itself can execute compression on the fly for TEXT data.

The developer defines which BLOB/TEXT fields to compress using flag fCompressed for a field.

Picture Compression

Valentina engine is embedded into many third party IDEs, such as REALbasic, Director, VB, .NEN and so on. Each such IDE provide to Valentina picture in the form of some uncompressed bitmap according to OS.

To be able to save into database picture in format, which is cross-platform, Valentina provides compression of bitmap into JPG, TIFF and other formats on choice of developer.

As a result we get cross-platform database files, and we save lots of disk space.

Network Packets Compression

When Valentina Client or Server prepare a packet to sending by network, if it is bigger than 1Kb (on default) then packet is compressed by ZIP algorithm. This reduces its size in 5-7 times average, which therefore improves networking speed of Valentina client/server communication.

Network Picture Compression

When Valentina Server or Client should send a picture, it may happen that the receiver is located on another OS. To resolve this issue effectively, Valentina compresses give OS bitmap into JPG and sends it in smaller cross-platform format.