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Valentina Database Index Styles


Valentina 2.0 introduce brand-new feature - Index Style.

While working with indexes you may happen to need settings A for particular set of fields, and settings B for another set of fields. To simplify work with such task Valentina Kernel offers Index Styles. You define some style, then apply it to many indexes exactly as we do with text in most editors.

Index style specifies information how to index values. In Valentina 2.0 index style can be used for String, VarChar or Text field.

Database can have several index styles. Index style should be defined before you use it. Each index style should have a unique name.

To use index style you assign to a field one of existed index styles by name. If you change index style of a field then index of the field will be rebuilt automatically.

NOTE: Index Style cannot be changed after definition (at least in 2.0).

String Index Style

This type of index style can specify the following parameters:


All strings that have length equal to or less of IgnoreLength will not be included into index.

This allows you to easily exclude from indexing such often words as “a“, “or“, “and“, “the“, … As result you will get smaller index.


List of words which should not be included into index. You specify this list as string that contains words separated by space.