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VTable Overview

When we create a database, it is empty, in sense that it does not have yet user-defined tables. Although such empty database already has few system tables, which Valentina engine creates and fills with some records.

Usually, the next step is to create at least one user-defined Table with some fields.

The maximal number of user-defined tables is 2 billion (2^32); there is also a maximum of 2 billion temporary tables.

Each Table should have at least one user-defined field, though, it is possible to have a table with no fields in Valentina. Usually, this state of the table is temporary and fields will be added later.

VTable ID

Each VTable has an unique ID as a long number (4 bytes).

  • System-defined and user-defined Tables use positive IDs
  • Temporary Tables always use negative IDs

VTable Name

Each Valentina Table has a name that is unique in the scope of the VDatabase.

NOTE: table names share the same scope with the names of Links and Views.