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VarChar Field

Range of Type

This type of field can effectively store string values of variable size with limit up to 4088 bytes per value. This means that depending on StorageEncoding you can store strings of the different maximal length. For example, for UTF-16 StorageEncoding you can have maximal length 2044, and for UTF-8 it is 4088.


This field uses a logical file of page structure to be able effectively store strings of variable length. Read more in the VarChar Technical Notes.


  • fNullable

This field can be declared as Nullable. In this case a special bitmap is associated with this field.

  • fIndexed

This field can have flag fIndexed.

  • fUnique

This field can have flag fUnique.

* fIndexByWords

This field can have fIndexByWords flag.

Read more about Field Flags.


This field type is represented at the API level by VVarChar Class.


At SQL Level you can create such field using

CREATE TABLE T1( fldVarchar VARCHAR(2044) INDEX );

You can use this field in any predicate expression, e.g.

SELECT * FROM T1 WHERE fldVarchar = 'Peter';