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One Report For All Databases

Take Valentina Studio Pro and Valentina Reports ADK for a test drive with these example databases.


  • DATABASE - Sakila - Here you can find archives of 'sakila' databases for Valentina DB, SQLite, mySQL and postgreSQL.
    • Note: Report examples use the Sakila database with Foreign Key links for all databases.

Note: These examples work with database servers for online usage; you can use these reports examples locally with SQLite.


This example demonstrates how the same Valentina Report template can be used without changes with different databases: mySQL, PostgreSQL and Valentina Server.

To make this example to work, it needs to install on the same computer three (3) database servers:

  • Valentina Server
  • mySQL
  • PostgreSQL

Then they need to load the corresponding Sakila database into each DB server. And of course drop 'universal_report.vsp' into VServer/projects folder then register it from Valentina Studio.

We did this on our machine, so you can check this example online:

In real life you probably won't need to run so many different database servers. This demonstrates how Valentina Reports are really independent from a data-source. Some report can be prepared on, for example, mySQL test database, and later can be used with e.g. postgreSQL database. To do right job, report needs only a set of values, with expected column names.