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Valentina Reports for Sakila Database


Note, that reports use 'sakila' database with Foreign Key links.

Report Descriptions

In the table below you can see short description of each created report and key features used:

Name DescriptionUsed Features
Report_DailySalesForWeek Charts with number of rentals and total sales for last week Charts
Report_FilmCatalog List of films, grouped by all categories Grouping
Report_FilmList Complete list of films, ordered by title, with cast for each film Expressions
Report_Filmography List of films for each actor Subreport
Report_InventoryLabels Labels for all DVDs Report with columns, Barcodes
Report_OverdueRentals List of overdue rentals grouped by customers Grouping
Report_PaymentsOfCustomers Tables with payments for each customer Subreport, Conditional Formatting
Report_ReturningCustomers Charts with number of customers, ranged by number of rentals made Charts
Report_StoresSalesCharts Charts with number of rentals for each store Charts

Some Previews

You can check these OFFLINE previews of some of them on the pictures below. This can be useful if online example is down on some reason.