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Valentina for LiveCode Documentation

LiveCode creates native applications for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, Server & The Web all from the same code. Code once, deploy to billions of devices. LiveCode is a truly multi-platform programming tool with iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux, Server & Web deployment options.

ValentinaDB ADK for LiveCode extends LiveCode apps with a local runtime for ValentinaDB advanced, object-relational database.

Valentina Reports ADK for LiveCode adds a local runtime for Valentina Reports.

Valentina CLIENT for LiveCode is a free component (and part of the installer bundle) that allows LiveCode apps to work with Valentina Server.

Getting Started




  • SQL Yoga database library for LiveCode. Using the database schema and information from you, the developer, SQL Yoga allows you to write less code when querying and updating an application's database. While the library can be used independently of any framework, SQL Yoga is distributed as a Helper for the Levure framework. Levure makes using SQL Yoga much easier from a configuration and customization perspective. SQL Yoga works with LiveCode 8 or newer.