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Valentina Server Docker Documentation

Valentina Server docker images are available in the Paradigma Software repository on the Docker Hub.

These images are built for the following architectures, appropriate tags are conatined in the parentheses:

  • 64-bit Linux (lin_64)
  • 32-bit ARM Linux (lin_arm_32)
  • 64-bit Windows (win_64)

You can use them on macOS, Windows and Linux systems.

Quick Start

To create the Valentina Server container the following console command is used:

docker run paradigmasoft/valentina-server

It downloads an image, most suitable for the host OS, creates and starts the container.

Alternatively, you can specify the tag, for example:

docker run paradigmasoft/valentina-server:lin_arm_32

This way you can create a container of any architecture supported by the host OS, virtualization or emulation for the guest OS may be used.

After container start, the Valentina Server is ready for connection.

Adding a Valentina Server License

Without a license, the Valentina Server allows only one simultaneous connection. You need to get a FREE license with 5 Valentina DB, 10 SQLite, and 10 REST connections or purchase a license with more connections at Paradigma Store.

A license can be easily added using the docker cp command. Just go to the directory with license on the host system and execute:

  • For Linux container:
docker cp license_lin_xxx container_name:/opt/VServer/licenses
  • For Windows container:
docker cp license_win_xxx container_name:/VServer/licenses

After the start, a new license will be applied.