VDN + Valentina Studio PRO

Common price: $799.00 Our price: $799.00 each
Version of Studio Pro

This is a special bundle of Valentina Developer Network (5 Connections) NEW license and Valentina Studio Pro (select operating system) bundled together for your convenience. If you already have an active upgrade plan for Valentina Studio Pro, you can instead elect to upgrade to Valentina Studio Pro UNIVERSAL.

Valentina Developer Network 5 Connections Version

Valentina Developer Network lets you bundle copies of Valentina  Embedded Server with your applications. You also get 12 months of updates, and can continue to deploy the server even if your 12 months expire. Licensing is based on the number of simultaneous connections of the VDN Server you can distribute to your customers, royalty free. The first number is the number of simultaneous, unnamed connections for Valentina Reports, using the REST API and the Valentina Database Server. It also supports additional connections for using the integrated SQLite Database Server. You can deploy an unlimited number of these.

  • 5. 5 Connections for Reports / REST / Valentina DB + 10 Connections of SQLite

Valentina Studio Pro New License or UNIVERSAL UPGRADE

Valentina Studio Pro is the ultimate data management tool for database administrators. It is available for MacOS, Linux or Windows. If you already have an unexpired license to Valentina Studio Pro, you can instead select to upgrade to Valentina Studio Pro UNIVERSAL. Valentina Studio Pro UNIVERSAL licenses can work on all three operating systems and is licensed to the individual user.