What are the available Command Line Parameters for Valentina Studio ?

Hello. I'm using Valentina Studio and I was wondering what were the command line parameters to open it already connected to a particular server/database. And why not, directly open a SQL Editor Window on it. It is the last thing missing for us t...

Documentation for methods

After trying to speed up my function with the help of Ivan I've found out that the simpler function doesn't make the select faster. Therefore, I wanted to try the methods. But the documentation is a bit thin. http://valentina-db.com/docs/dokuwiki...

Move From Postgresql to Valentina SQLITE Server

If any mapping from PostgreSQL to Valentina SqLite data type...

Getting data from cursor slow

In most places I either get data on demand for showing the interface or the data is only for one record. One table with hierarchical paths needs to be loaded fully. Recently, I had the bad idea to put 1000 records into this database. I found some pla...

We now can build Valentina products parallel on few computers, few times faster.

Hi Everybody, This post just to inform about our internal processes. We using Jenkins - continuous integration tool more of 2 years now. We use it to compile commits in GITs as only they made Run Valentina DB tests on each OS, 32 and 64 bit...

Unicode Ligature font feature problem

Hi there I've use VStudio Pro for a while. Usually with Thai locale and characters. Most of them work very well esp Thai sorting. But one thing that really make report not quite correct is how it display the vowels characters incorrectly. From...

Changing VText nullable

Is it possible to make a VText field that is not nullable? I have an existing database where I have many VText fields that were created as nullable: authors = CreateTextField("authors", 128, EVFlag.fNullable + EVFlag.fIndexed + EVFlag....

How out put to Excel File type

If any way to make a excel file type from the reports output...

NOT REGEX search not working as expected

I'm not getting the correct results when I do this search on two TEXT fields (keywords and notes). keywords REGEX ‘ocean solutions’ AND NOT (notes REGEX ‘ocean solutions vu’) What am I doing wrong?...

Crash creating db using v7.0.3 [SOLVED, plugin was not updated]

I just downloaded 7.0.3 (currently using 5.8.8, but I think my license is current). I'm running macOS 10.10.4 Yosemite. Creating a new VDatabase -> crash. Here's the code, then the crash log. dim vdb as VDatabase vdb = new VDatabase -> ...

Is there a way to Transpose the display of the results?

Hello everyone, I was wondering if it is possible on Valentina Studio to display the results of a query *transposed*. That is, having the Columns as Rows and vice versa. Thanks in advanced, Carlos....

Binary link on same table

Hi, wondering if it's possible to link the same table with binary link. The idea is a table with tasks and sometimes a task can be a subtask of a task in same table. Is a binary link an possible option for this relation? it's not urgent, just a t...

Report Xojo web Currency format

hello, I need help in order to format monetary values ​​in the report according to the Italian standard (eg: #. ###, ##). I read in the documentation link of use patterns. The problem is that using xojo web the "locale" server is set a...

[ANN] Valentina Technology Release 7.0.3

Valentina Studio 7.0.3 [New][SQL Editor] Export button now has “Clipboard” item. Allows use clipboard to move result records into e.g. Excel. [Imp][SQL Editor] Added templates for new KeyValue commands of Valentina DB. [Fix] 7875 - Ability to se...
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print_if properties

Hi, I have to make visible or not some objects depending on the value of a boolean parameter. I do not understand how to set the print_if properties of this objects. If it's possible, please show me some examples, thanks....

stuck in demo mode 0x99520 ERR_INTERNAL_DEMO_TIMEOUT

am using adk for LiveCode. Though I init valentina with the serial I got, I keep getting the above demo message. Kindly help ....

Reporting against MS SQL server from a Red Hat Linux Xojo app

Hello, I am new to this forum and new to Valentina as well. We are evaluating the feasibility of using Valentina to generate reports from a Xojo application that will be running under Red Hat Linux and connecting to a Microsoft SQL Server 2014...

Extract the field information with a regular expression into sqlite DB

Hi everybody, I have a sqlite database (I attach an example DB) with 2 fields (Protein_AC and Extracted_AC). In Protein_AC field, I have in each row several proteins (Protein Accession Code + Protein Name) separated by these symbols: "]; &quo...
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Hi, I can not disable the creation of v4rb_log_main.txt file ( Valentina.DebugLevel = 0 does not work ). how should I do?...

Hot Backup – additional scripts

In the documentation «Using Hot Backup» there is a tip: You can write some additional scripts that e.g. compress new backup folders using ZIP/RAR or delete folders older than a particular age. Can such scripts be controlled by the code in the EVEN...

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