0009304: [SQL] Query too slow (Ivan Smahin)
0009320: [REST API] REST_SSL-Certificate generates error: "error:0906D06C:PEM routines:PEM_read_bio:no start line." (Ivan Smahin)
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0009285: [Database] Changing SQLITESYSTEMFOLDER changes SQLITESYSTEMCATALOG (Ivan Smahin)
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0009245: [Log Files] "Unexpected Exception on Reindex of : field_name" - Add table name to log message (Ivan Smahin)
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0009192: [Log Files] Timestamp in slow-query log (Ivan Smahin)
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0009171: [Users/Groups] [NEW] Table permissions for vServer (Ivan Smahin)
0006559: [Other] How to verify SSL certificate (Ivan Smahin)
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0007333: [Event Shceduler] CREATE EVENT and SHOW EVENTS use different TIMESTAMP format (Ivan Smahin)
0009133: [Log Files] Can't open log files (Ivan Smahin)
0008706: [SQL] Add ability to specify parameters for REPORT SQL command and to pass JavaScript for RunScript method (Ivan Smahin)
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0008961: [KeyValue] Unsetting Crash_Reporter_Owner_Name and Crash_Reporter_Owner_Email makes VException (Ivan Smahin)
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0008676: [ini-file] RENAME systemCatalog => systemFolder, etc (Ivan Smahin)
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0008918: [HTTP Access] Add "datasource" param to the HTTP server to generate reports from any supported database (Ivan Smahin)
0008911: [SQL] USE command should produce more clear error when the target database is closed (Ivan Smahin)
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0008829: [Feature] [NEW] Additional column "fld_cursors_size" for "SHOW CONNECTIONS" (Ivan Smahin)
0008822: [Database] Database with dot in name produces bunch of issues. (Ivan Smahin)
0008800: [ini-file] Invalid ini-file on irregular service stopping (Ivan Smahin)
0008774: [Docs] Property EmbeddedSerial missing from VSQLiteDatabase (Ivan Smahin)
0008792: [Master database] VDatabaseInfo.Path return path with duplicate separators in Windows (Ivan Smahin)
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0008771: [API] vServer.Restart command shutdown the server but doesn't restart it in Windows (Ivan Smahin)
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0008773: [SQLite Server] Debugger in Xojo crashes hard when trying to connect to VSQLiteServer (Ivan Smahin)
0008768: [Prefs Pane] Yellow text in pref pane not readable (Ivan Smahin)
0008756: [Other] Unable to stop server properly on Windows (Ivan Smahin)
0008759: [API] Using the server.restart command changed properties aren't saved (Ivan Smahin)
0008702: [Users/Groups] Add ALTER USER SQL command (Ivan Smahin)
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0008746: [API] SystemBackupCatalog property changes does not impact to "BACKUP DATABASE" statement (Ivan Smahin)
0008741: [Prefs Pane] Use standard macOS authorization dialog in the Valentina Server preference pane (Ivan Smahin)
0008744: [SQL] Hard crash when doing SQL with 2 unions (Ivan Smahin)
0008724: [API] vServer.Restart command shutdown the server but doesn't restart it (Ivan Smahin)
0008737: [API] VServer.Shutdown doesn't seem to close databases properly (Ivan Smahin)
0008727: [Cursors] Cursor.UpdateAllRecords update all fields of all records of the cursor in client/server mode (Ivan Smahin)
0008718: [ini-file] VServer now will not create file 'vServer.ini.example' (Ivan Smahin)
0008701: [Feature] Returning SQL results for running sums/totals (Ivan Smahin)
0008528: [SQLite Server] SQL "BACKUP" statement for SQLite. (Ivan Smahin)
0008678: [SQL] NEW SQL command "SHOW BACKUPS" (Ivan Smahin)
0008620: [Event Shceduler] FR encrypted database in event for backup (Ivan Smahin)
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0008708: [REST API] Multi-statements against vSQLite. (Ivan Smahin)
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0008705: [Database] Crash on opening database that was unregistered in open state and then registered (Ivan Smahin)
0008677: [SQL] NEW SQL command "DROP PROJECT pro_name" (Ivan Smahin)
0008682: [Property Inspector] Missing SYSTEMPROJECTSCATALOG property of vServer (Ivan Smahin)
0008674: [Property Inspector] [NEW] vServer property SERVERPATH (Ivan Smahin)
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0008624: [Prefs Pane] Start/Stop button doesn't show errors (Ivan Smahin)
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0008623: [Log Files] Count of log files is not okay (Ivan Smahin)
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0008465: [Feature] Unable to change "Slave mode" without restarting vServer. (Ivan Smahin)
0008462: [Other] VServer v8.7.2 - __MAIL backdates e-mails by 3 hours (Ivan Smahin)
0008461: [Event Shceduler] VServer v8.7.2 - inconsistent handling of BACKUP DATABASE (Ivan Smahin)
0007966: [Report Server] Enable Scheduler of VSERVER work with backup of a Valentina Project. (Ivan Smahin)
0006706: [Other] Only user himself should be able to change password (Ivan Smahin)
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0008426: [SQLite Server] [NEW] vSQLiteBLOB class. (Ivan Smahin)
0008549: [SQL] [New] pool of Sql Parsers that can be used in parallel. (Ivan Smahin)
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0008360: [Database] VServer stucks after few minutes of working (Ivan Smahin)
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0008302: [Event Shceduler] v8.3.2 - Database Events create bogus connections to database which are subsequently blocking unregistering this database (Ivan Smahin)
0008298: [ini-file] Crash on the creation of a new database with enabled privileges. (Ivan Smahin)
0008268: [Installation] VServer_x64 v8.3 installation package distributes wrong version of vcruntime140.dll (Ruslan Zasukhin)
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0008014: [API] Inconsitency in database name parameter using Register/Unregister Database (Ivan Smahin)
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0007993: [Database] Slow query feature (badly needed) (Ivan Smahin)
0008004: [SQL] [NEW] "OS", "OSType" properties of Valentina Server. (Ivan Smahin)
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0007969: [REST API] Number of AffectedRows returned is always zero on SQL UPDATE and DELETE on a SQLite DB using REST API (Ivan Smahin)
0007964: [Installation] VServer 7.1.2 (32bit) crashes on Win10 (64bit) (Ruslan Zasukhin)
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0007903: [Client] Valentina Server slowing down (Ivan Smahin)
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