0000780: [Installation] shutdown computer hangs with VServer errors in terminal window (Igor Gomon)
0000843: [API] Bug fixed in I_Server::CancelConnection() (Igor Gomon)
0000756: [Installation] ReadWrite Permissions wrong after installing VServer (Ruslan Zasukhin)
0000840: [API] String becomes garbare when sent from Mac client to Win server. (Igor Gomon)
0000839: [API] Garbage error description sent from Win server to Mac client. (Igor Gomon)
0000838: [API] After creation of the cursor it has incorrect position. (Igor Gomon)
0000837: [Feature] VClient now can produce debug logs as local version. (Igor Gomon)
0000779: [Import/Export] text import does not work on Mac in client / server mode (Igor Gomon)
0000835: [Other] Add logging facility at protocol level. (Igor Gomon)
0000797: [API] VServer crashes when attempting to register a database (Igor Gomon)
0000753: [Feature] gives no feedback when assigning linkname (Igor Gomon)
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