0008746: [API] SystemBackupCatalog property changes does not impact to "BACKUP DATABASE" statement (Ivan Smahin)
0008741: [Prefs Pane] Use standard macOS authorization dialog in the Valentina Server preference pane (Ivan Smahin)
0008744: [SQL] Hard crash when doing SQL with 2 unions (Ivan Smahin)
0008724: [API] vServer.Restart command shutdown the server but doesn't restart it (Ivan Smahin)
0008737: [API] VServer.Shutdown doesn't seem to close databases properly (Ivan Smahin)
0008727: [Cursors] Cursor.UpdateAllRecords update all fields of all records of the cursor in client/server mode (Ivan Smahin)
0008718: [ini-file] VServer now will not create file 'vServer.ini.example' (Ivan Smahin)
0008701: [Feature] Returning SQL results for running sums/totals (Ivan Smahin)
0008528: [SQLite Server] SQL "BACKUP" statement for SQLite. (Ivan Smahin)
0008678: [SQL] NEW SQL command "SHOW BACKUPS" (Ivan Smahin)
0008620: [Event Shceduler] FR encrypted database in event for backup (Ivan Smahin)
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