Released 2013-02-14
0006081: [SQL] The command SHOW LOG for 'warning' file returns wrong data (Ivan Smahin)
0005985: [Prefs Pane] Beta 5 Prefpane, crashes, will not run (yuriy_velichko)
0005795: [Prefs Pane] VServer preferences pane on MacOs X not working (yuriy_velichko)
0005972: [Database] DROP DATABASE IF EXISTS throw exception (Ivan Smahin)
0005888: [Other] strange error message (Ivan Smahin)
0005920: [Database] Backups not placed into backup-folder (Ivan Smahin)
0005930: [Event Shceduler] Server stops to work correctly after adding or dropping event. (Ivan Smahin)
0005868: [Feature] Wrong recognizing of registered databases names (MacOS) (Ivan Smahin)
0005867: [Feature] Server does not show unregistered databases (MacOS) (Ivan Smahin)
0005866: [SQL] Query returns wrong data (Ivan Smahin)
0004592: [SQL] Diagnose Database is unclearly and should return cursor (Ivan Smahin)
0005817: [SQL] [NEW] SHOW DATABASES shows unregistered dbs as well (Ivan Smahin)
0005815: [SQL] [NEW] SHOW SERVER LOG (Ivan Smahin)
0005806: [Installation] Installation messes up linux (Igor Nikitin)
0005799: [SQL] stream eof reached (Ivan Smahin)
0005761: [SQL] VServer crashes on query with binding from VPHP5.0 (Ivan Smahin)
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