Released 2010-02-20
0004788: [Protocol] 4.6 vServer kHighestSupportedProtocol command response cause disconnect in 4.5.2 (and below) vClient (Ivan Smahin)
0004802: [ini-file] [KERNEL] section is renamed to [VKERNEL] (Ivan Smahin)
0004801: [Installation] RESTART apple script do not works. (Ruslan Zasukhin)
0004799: [API] After call 'put_Variable' VServer_Office.ini have duplicate entries: (Ivan Smahin)
0004798: [API] put_Variable( "BonjourProtocolName", "sample" ); works wrong (Ivan Smahin)
0004784: [Log Files] Log format changed to strictly clarify user-id and thread-id information. (Ivan Smahin)
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