Scheduled For Release 2022-07-20
0007396: [Database] Support SQLite Database with unicode name
0008539: [Installation] Don't install files into dev0
0008421: [API] VException 626688 "Unknown"
0006559: [Other] How to verify SSL certificate (Ivan Smahin)
0007333: [Event Shceduler] CREATE EVENT and SHOW EVENTS use different TIMESTAMP format (Ivan Smahin)
0007758: [Database] Big query takes too much time to execute and other users cannot use database while query is selecting records (Ivan Smahin)
0007808: [Database] Databases with a dot in the name really confuses Valentina (Ivan Smahin)
0008549: [SQL] [New] pool of Sql Parsers that can be used in parallel. (Ivan Smahin)
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