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0001719VALENTINA SERVERPerformancepublic2006-08-06 21:41
ReporterRuss TyndallAssigned ToRuslan Zasukhin 
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Target VersionFixed in Version2.4.1 
Summary0001719: Slow Mac OS X Vserver 2.4 Performance when calling AddRecord()
DescriptionThe vCursor.AddRecord() process is very slow in Mac OS X VServer 2.4, compared to VServer 2.3.

The attached file contains Rb 2006r3 test projects configured for Vserver 2.3 and Vserver 2.4 (different syntaxes). The files include master.vdb files for each format. It should only be necessary to quit Vserver and replace registered Databases folder with the attached files to do comparision testing between 2.3 and 2.4.

Once configured (including adjusting the CFMSupport vComponents folder and associated RB plugin), launch the appropriate project. The 2.3 format project will add several hundred records to the database very quickly, The 2.4 format project will take much longer; in some testing on a DP 800mhz G4, it took several minutes.

After launching the test project, add the appropriate IP address to the edit box, and then click Connect to Vserver. Then click Call Addrec(). The time it takes to do this will be posted to a Statictext. When finished testing, click Close DB.

The number of records being added can be adjusted via a Constant assigned to the Window1 class.
Additional InformationAccording to Ruslan, performance testing for Vserver 2.4 has not yet been performed for the Mac. So there is possibly much improvement possible.

(Vserver 2.4 was not available in the Mantis Product Version dropdown box, so it was left blank.)
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