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0002410VALENTINA SERVERClientpublic2014-08-05 11:30
ReporterEytan BernetAssigned ToRuslan Zasukhin 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2.5.10 
Target Version5.6Fixed in Version 
Summary0002410: Bonjour services do not always advertise
DescriptionUsing 2.5.10 server and bonjour discovery
Not all machines offering the service appear. All Mac SERVERS with Bonjour service always appear. Clients are either Macs or PCs, Mac clients tend to show more servers, but often do not show some of the Windows servers (again, they ALWAYS show the Mac servers)

It is unpredictable, and not consistent.
Additional InformationI am enclosing my test program. It continuously refreshes the list every 2 seconds. After a few minutes or so some will eventually show the entire list. Sometimes a machine will drop off the list only to reappear later.

My thoughts are you are not giving your call to Bonjour sufficient time to be notified by all the servers that have Bonjour services. The only change needed to the program I am enclosing to get it to work is to make sure the Bonjour Service you are looking for matches the name of the one I am looking for (I commented out the valentina one and replaced it with mine, but mine is a rebranded 2.5.10 server). ALso make sure the ValentianGlobals is in the same folder and gClient is set to TRUE
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related to 0002413 closedRuslan Zasukhin VServer service does not always advertise itself on Bonjour 


2007-06-26 17:01


VServer_Bonjour.dir (85,262 bytes)
Kirill Pekarov

Kirill Pekarov

2007-06-27 00:21

updater   ~0002304

On what platform you see this effect?
I've test on windows - all fine.

Has run 20 servers in virtual winXP.

When many times call "Valentina.locateBonjourService()" the list of servers in VServer_Bonjour was stable and without any changes.

PS: Your attached example do not work:
In the "exitFrame"
error on line with "repeat with i = 1 to glistOfServers.count"
glistOfServers is void, but in the Stage window the list is shown.
Eytan Bernet

Eytan Bernet

2007-06-27 07:43

reporter   ~0002306

I see this mostly on Windows. On the Macintosh I tend to get the list by the second refresh. The Macintosh Servers are always seen.

As per my example, was the service name changed to reflect the service of the embedded server rather than the _L4L._tcp service I look for with my custom server? Please make sure that in both the StartMovie and the "Loop" (Cast member 8), the service name is "_valentina._tcp"
Kirill Pekarov

Kirill Pekarov

2007-06-27 11:51

updater   ~0002307

I was test 2.5.10 client and servers with your example, the list always was right.
So, problem not in 2.5.10 as I can see.

Please help locate the problem.
Download "Bonjour SDK for Windows v1.0.3" from

And after install it, go to it folder samples/c/
Here on windows PC run "dns-sd.exe -B _L4L._tcp"

Do you at once see all servers?
If not try restart it, is this reproduce problem?

Maybe even attach here log file of output "dns-sd.exe"
Eytan Bernet

Eytan Bernet

2007-06-27 12:06

reporter   ~0002308

I do see the servers at once. I tried on only one machine.
Of note, running the program requires me to place the dnssd.dll in the folder.

Question - are you doing all your testing on machines with Bonjour services Installed? We will try that next.
Kirill Pekarov

Kirill Pekarov

2007-06-27 12:17

updater   ~0002309

Yes, as you can see V4MD deliver with Bonjour service.

Please let me know result if try install bonjour service, is it resolve your problem?
Ruslan Zasukhin

Ruslan Zasukhin

2007-06-27 12:50

administrator   ~0002310


of course computer with V4MD also must have Bonjour to be installed.
Actually Bonjour service is 100% symmetric.
They do not have servers or clients.

I will attache our V4MD.iss to this issue.
use it as example ...

2007-06-27 12:51


V4MD.iss (5,609 bytes)
Eytan Bernet

Eytan Bernet

2007-06-27 13:10

reporter   ~0002311

Yes, that is what I have. I am still seeing the problems.

If I stop and restart the server on the target machine, the machines that could not see it now can (the others already could)
Is it the number of times the VServer notifies Bonjour that it is ready? Any other thoughts?
Ruslan Zasukhin

Ruslan Zasukhin

2007-06-27 20:45

administrator   ~0002312

Well, for me your last note sounds as:
    IT IS 100% pure issue of Bonjour itself.
    OR of your netwrok.

Because as you see problem NOT in V4MD function LocateBonjourService().
Our function returns what it get from Bonjour.

May be there is sense search Inet/Apple sites/forums. May be somebody else did have similar problems.
Ruslan Zasukhin

Ruslan Zasukhin

2007-06-27 20:48

administrator   ~0002313


> Here on windows PC run "dns-sd.exe -B _L4L._tcp"

this is kind of browser?

if yes, then for me it sounds that IF take some computer, where V4MDs show not full list,
and run THIS command, then it also should show not full list. right?

i.e. Eytan should try find such offended computer using V4MD, and run this command THERE.
no sense run it on computer which show full list for V4MD.
Ruslan Zasukhin

Ruslan Zasukhin

2007-06-27 20:55

administrator   ~0002314

Simple overview of Bonjour
Ruslan Zasukhin

Ruslan Zasukhin

2007-06-27 21:07

administrator   ~0002315

One more link that describe how notification works in pictures
Ruslan Zasukhin

Ruslan Zasukhin

2007-06-27 21:11

administrator   ~0002316

And this is page for developers about HOW TO write code
Ruslan Zasukhin

Ruslan Zasukhin

2014-08-05 11:30

administrator   ~0007875

We use far ago a new SDK of Bonjour.
No more complains on this

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