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0002859VALENTINA SERVERAPIpublic2007-11-24 06:02
ReporterFabianAssigned ToIvan Smahin 
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Product Version3.5 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.5 
Summary0002859: LoadDump does not work with Vserver
DescriptionmyDB.LoadDump("\\Server\_DMXPData\Configuration.SQL","",kSQL) does work fine in local mode but not with VServer. The returned error is 365826 (&H59502, File not found). Configuration.SQL holds the dump of one table. Behaviour tested with 3.0.2 AND 3.5!

Using VCOM under VB6
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Ivan Smahin

Ivan Smahin

2007-11-24 00:14

manager   ~0002962

I have tried it with vStudio and it works without any issue. Are you sure that file exists and available?

As far as i get it 'Server' is some computer where vServer runs - right?
In this case you do some overhead copying file to the server and then call LoadDump.

Look - any dump operation works in terms of client computer.
So it would be as easy as myDB.LoadDump("c:\Configuration.SQL","",kSQL).

Let's discover how it works. vClient reads the file and send it to the server as well as other parameters. Most probably it would be compressed data sending over the net. Note - server is able to handle another clients at the moment. Then vServer reads the packet and gets dump-file content into some temporary location. And finally runs kernel mechanic to load dump from that temporary location.

So it is very efficient way to operate with files in client-server environment.

1. Client operates with files in nature manner - no difference - local or client mode.
2. Compression aloows to reduce traffic and network loading.
3. Dump operation is performed for some temporary location on server side. So it would be as fast as in local mode.


2007-11-24 00:58

reporter   ~0002963

Yes file exists. It works with myDB.LoadDump as far as I use local mode. But as soon as I switch to server mode I get error 365826. It is interesting that ErrorString is empty.

I use LoadDump only occasionally to exchange a configuration table. The dump was done after each backup to save the latest properties of my application
Ruslan Zasukhin

Ruslan Zasukhin

2007-11-24 01:09

administrator   ~0002964


question is:

1) so 2 computers are in game?
        ONE with VSERVER
       SECOND with VCLIENT

 or ONE computer is in game?
 or 3 computers are in game?

2) DUMP file is located on VCOM computer?


2007-11-24 01:34

reporter   ~0002965

Ruslan, Ivan

I checked this on one computer. One time running the code under VServer the other time under VClient. I tried several different paths (\\ROM\_DMXPData\DBBKUP\Configuration.SQL or C:\_DMXPData\DBBKUP\Configuration.SQL) but with no luck under VServer. No other application has a connection open or have access to the Configuration.SQL file.

BTW: Before proceeding with LoadDump I check if the file exists in my application!

Basic things like connection, open DB and so on are OK because I use this small app for a lot of utility functions like printing DB stats, reindexing ...

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