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0002935VALENTINA SERVERAPIpublic2008-01-09 02:23
ReporterFabianAssigned ToIvan Smahin 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.5.2 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.5.2 
Summary0002935: Concurrent insert of BLOBs (API way) crashes table
DescriptionAdding 1000 BLOBs into a table containing 1000 records with myBLOB.FromFile works as expected. If I start the application twice and add 2 times 1000 records at the same time, the table was damaged. The diagnose shows a lot of:
==========> Field: Dokument , type BLOB
        .RecID: 2 Segment: 5697. already in use.
        .RecID: 3 Segment: 5697. already in use.
and so on...

This behaviour can be reproduced at any time.
Additional InformationVCOM, VB6, Vista, BLOB about 700 KB.

Code snippet:

Set myTable = myDB.Table("Archiv")
Set myBLOB = myTable.Field("Dokument")
If RecID<>0 Then
  myTable.RecID = RecID
  myBLOB.FromFile Path
End If
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2008-01-02 03:40


ArchivError.txt (28,441 bytes)


2008-01-05 03:39

reporter   ~0003061

I also checked the API call myBLOB.WriteDate ReadBytes(Path). It shows the same errors in diagnose as myBLOB.FromFile Path (please check also WritePictureAs!)!

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