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0002986VALENTINA SERVERSQLpublic2008-01-31 06:02
ReporterFabianAssigned ToRuslan Zasukhin 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.5.2 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.5.2 
Summary0002986: Deleting the first record added to a table containing a BLOB/Picture field doesn't work correctly
DescriptionUsing 3.5.2 b10, VCOM, VServer, VB6.

I have a table containing a BLOP/Picture field. I add some records. I delete the second or the last record added - no problem. If I delete the FIRST record added the next record can not be loaded again (no error, no DB crash, but the returned data contains any cashed information). It doesn't help to restart VServer. This problem occures only with VServer, not in local mode
Additional InformationStatement: DELETE FROM t1 WHERE t_id='GUID'
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Ruslan Zasukhin

Ruslan Zasukhin

2008-01-25 06:44

administrator   ~0003179

this is new bug for b10?
or it present in say 3..5.1 ?


2008-01-25 07:25

reporter   ~0003180

Can't say. I changed directly from 3.0.2 to 3.5.2. In 3.0.2 was an other bug with deleting pictures ...
Ivan Smahin

Ivan Smahin

2008-01-25 08:59

manager   ~0003182

Hmm, I do following:
1. Start vServer, connect to it using vStudio.
2. Create the table with a single picture field.
3. Add a couple of records with different pictures.
4. delete from t1 where recID = 1
5. Open t1 in record browser - see remaining record RecID == 2 with expected picture - correct.

I have played with it a lot of time - different pictures, segment sizes, start/restart vStudio/vServer ... It works as expected.

Could you describe exact steps to reproduce the bug?


2008-01-25 23:27

reporter   ~0003183

Very strange.

I add 4 pictures (not to forget: I call myDB.Flush after each addition)

I delete RecID=1 via VServer (local mode is OK).

E.g. in VStudio: The second record has the same content as the third. But not strange enough... if I check the remaining records in VStudion in LOCAL mode, all records are OK. I thought it has something to do with caching and I restarted the PC. But without luck. The table with the 1. record deleted shows OK in local mode but wrong in Server mode!!! Do you have a permanant cache?

2008-01-26 00:48 (266,784 bytes)


2008-01-26 00:53

reporter   ~0003184

Last edited: 2008-01-26 01:06

Hi Ivan

I repeat the same steps 1-4 as you do. After deleting the first record I find 2 records left, but record 2 shows the same picture as 3. VStudio reports 3 records, but the browser shows only 2 (as expected). Diagnose says 'All right'

Silly: if I look at this DB in LOCAL mode I find still 3 correct records. After CLONE I found 3 records via VServer again!

See uploaded DB!
I use b10 from 24. JAN.

I do not know if this is important: VClient_Win32_Release_VC.dll shows version 2.4 but date from 24. JAN?

Thanks for help

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