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0004478VALENTINA SERVERAPIpublic2009-08-02 09:23
ReporterMax GrigorianAssigned ToIvan Smahin 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
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Target VersionFixed in Version4.2 
Summary0004478: objptr tatgetTable name is empty sometimes
Descriptionthe bug is absent, when working with local db.
when we connect to remote vserver, some objectptrs have empty TargetTables.
i use such code(RB):

  dim SourceTable as VTable
  dim SourceField as VField
  dim SourceLink as VLink2
  dim ObjPtr as VObjectPtr
  dim link_name as String
  dim TargetName as String
  SourceTable = MyDBCopyFrom.Table( "tbl_typelistvalues" )
  SourceField = SourceTable.Field( "objptr_typelist" )
  ObjPtr = VObjectPtr( SourceField )
  SourceLink = ObjPtr.AsVLink2
  TargetName = ObjPtr.Target.Name
  link_name = SourceLink.Name
  MsgBox( "objptr_typelist => " + TargetName )

to reproduce bug, run attached application, press Connect, then press "get good objptr", we see, that target table is fine, the press "get bad objptr", and target table is empty.
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2009-07-31 08:44


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