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0005531VALENTINA SERVERUsers/Groupspublic2011-05-13 10:22
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Summary0005531: database users cannot login
DescriptionHi there, I'm new to valentina, and I'm having some issues, but I don't think this is a bug, more of what the documentation doesn't say and my understanding, so I would appriciate some help, as this has been driving me nuts for days;)

I have the vOffice server i have setup on standard ssl port and default admin username and password,
I have created a few databases as sa the I created users and enabled them as admin using vStudio Pro, I have also ran
GRANT ALL ON db1.* TO 'User1';
and restarted the server a few times incase that is required.

The problem is that when I login as a User using vStudio Pro I get an error
Kernel Error: 0x82519. Operation is refused. User has no "READ/WRITE DATABASE" privilege
Obviously from my RealBasic app i get connection failed when i try to run sql but the login is successful as it is with vstudio pro

username steve & pass steve db: iplumbdb
username iplumb & pass iplumb db: iplumbdb

these are just test accounts generally i use alphanumeric, uppercase and lowercase passwords at least 8 characters long.

Feel free to connect to the database and have a "poke about"
Maybe I've missed something else that I should be running, but I would appreciate some help
Also, another question, If I add a user with admin rights can that user create databases? as that doesn't work

Many thanks in advance

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Ivan Smahin

Ivan Smahin

2011-05-13 10:22

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Actually vStudio requires access (reading) to the master database in order to get some common info like a list of registered databases and so on.
If you want to connect vServer via vStudio you should grant reading access to the master db also.

In addition, vStudio tries to open master db providing full name (with extension). It is fixed now (vServer will trim extension checking the permissions to the object).

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