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0007110VALENTINA SERVEROtherpublic2015-06-04 16:20
Reporteryuriy_velichkoAssigned ToIvan Smahin 
PrioritynormalSeveritymajorReproducibilityhave not tried
Status resolvedResolutionno change required 
Product Version6.0 
Target Version6.0Fixed in Version 
Summary0007110: Unclear behaviour when creating event with existed name.
DescriptionIf execute query CREATE EVENT with name that already exists (for some else database and user do not know about it) The event will not be created and no messages will be returned.

In the VStudio I see output "Query has been executed" and expect that event have been added. But no.

I think need to return the error message in this case, like for table with not unique name.
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Ivan Smahin

Ivan Smahin

2015-06-04 13:21

manager   ~0008211

I've tried this with vStudio 5.8 against vServer 6.0.

It's Ok - 16:16:58 Kernel error: 0x67506. Event "event1" - name is not unique.
So, most probably it is vStudio issue to show exceptions


2015-06-04 13:46

reporter   ~0008212

I reproduce this issue with
 * server 6.0 b13
 * vstudio 5.7.1 / 5.8.5
 * vstudio 6.0 b13

Note: in result table of SHOW EVENTS names of columns were changed. Added prefix 'fld_'. So now vstudio does not support Events properly in the schema editor. I fixed it on my machine, but do not push into the repository yet.

Anyway Vstudio 5.8.5 + VServer 6.0 b13 reproduces the problem.


2015-06-04 13:54

reporter   ~0008213

There is only one difference between success and failure:
  * Logs for success - 16:50:21 Number of affected rows: 1
  * Logs for failure - 16:50:21 Query has been executed
Ivan Smahin

Ivan Smahin

2015-06-04 15:43

manager   ~0008214

Can not reproduce it (fresh build of vstudio, vserver).
Do you see something like this one in vServer log?

Thu Jun 4 2015 18:42:34.864084 (TID 4470951936): (UID 26) I_SqlDatabase ' ' SqlQueryEx 'use master;
                FOR DATABASE db2
                ON SCHEDULE AT current_timestamp + INTERVAL 5 DAY
                DO INSERT INTO t1 VALUES( 1 )' .
Thu Jun 4 2015 18:42:34.867522 (TID 4470951936): (UID 26) ERROR 0x67506: Event "event1" - name is not unique.


2015-06-04 16:20

reporter   ~0008215

I figure out the reason. My mistake. I got a query from vstudio query generator for existed Event. And did not pay attention on the statment IF NOT EXISTS. Sorry.

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