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0007421VALENTINA SERVERREST APIpublic2016-04-08 08:03
ReporterSergey PashkovAssigned ToIvan Smahin 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version6.2.x 
Target Version6.2.xFixed in Version6.2.x 
Summary0007421: Impossible to establish a new simultaneous REST session, if previous REST request hasn't finished
DescriptionIssue was encountered on REPORT command on a long-running source query.

1. Create two python scripts from example[]=python
2. Add pg_sleep( 5 ) to the source query to make it slower.
3. Run first script
4. Run second script - it will stop at

def open_connection(host, user, pwd):
    response =

Additional InformationLooks like it is mostly waits in mutexes in
vuint32 VSRV_Server::VerifyUser(
    const String& inUserName,
    const String& inPassword )
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Sergey Pashkov

Sergey Pashkov

2016-04-08 08:03

developer   ~0008961

Fixed for MT configuration

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